Our thoughts are with all those who are affected by the Coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic around the globe.

Coronavirus Free Widget project slogan is: In a time of uncertainty, facts provide clarity.

If all webmasters in the world would display only proven factual numbers coming from accredited sources it will help all visitors to differentiate facts from rumors, decrease and control panic spread and unite efforts to keep life going while maintaining precautionary measures based on the level of disease threat in the particular area.

We went one step above and beyond all major Coronavirus Stats counters and to provide localized data for thousands of areas around the planet to show local facts to visitors based on IP address country and regional location.

SmartViper - a web service that collects and analyzes any data about domains and keywords they are optimized for.

Currently we use around 25+ open API sources researching the most popular domains and keywords. We have 1,435,728,706 records stored (for 11,870,498 domains) in our database and are continuing to grow.
Our goal is to give you the tools for competitor comparison and understand why their ranks are so high.
We create useful summary tables for webmasters based on the conclusions of the analysis tools.

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The MarkosWeb health check gives you a combined score of a wide range of key parameters. Whilst other lesser web site health checkers use a very basic algorithm to calculate the health score of a site, we use a very wide range of parameters which have been carefully selected and adjusted over time so as to truly reflect the health of your site. As a result, the MarkosWeb Health Check widget gives you the most accurate and true health score that you will find anywhere on the web. read more...
Our powerful website monitoring widget gives you data on the up and down time of your site, and allows you to see if a site is down for everyone or just for you. read more...

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The MarkosWeb Worth widget evaluates the worth of sites based on a wide range of factors which impact the value of a domain. These include, in no particular order of importance: site traffic (quantity, source, geography), search engine popularity for certain keywords, name length, development value, brand recognition, industry strength and positioning, and revenue generation, email subscribers if any, etc. We pay particular attention not only on the current cost of the site, but also to the growth (or decline) dynamic of the resource. read more...

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The ping utility uses the ICMP protocol's mandatory ECHO_REQUEST datagram to elicit an ICMP ECHO_RESPONSE from a host or gateway. ECHO_REQUEST datagrams (pings) have an IP and ICMP header, followed by a "struct timeval" and then an arbitrary number of "pad" bytes used to fill out the packet.


ping, ping6 - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts

The Internet is a large and complex aggregation of network hardware, connected together by gate-ways. Tracking the route one's packets follow (or finding the miscreant gateway that's discarding your packets) can be difficult.


traceroute - print the route packets trace to network host

dig (domain information groper) is a flexible tool for interrogating DNS name servers. It performs DNS lookups and displays the answers that are returned from the name server(s) that were queried. Most DNS administrators use dig to troubleshoot DNS problems because of its flexibility, ease of use and clarity of output. Other lookup tools tend to have less functionality than dig.


dig (domain information groper) is a flexible tool for interrogating DNS name servers.

Nslookup is a program to query Internet domain name servers. Nslookup has two modes: interactive and non-interactive. Interactive mode allows the user to query name servers for information about various hosts and domains or to print a list of hosts in a domain.

NS lookup

Nslookup is a program to query Internet domain name servers.

host is a simple utility for performing DNS lookups. It is normally used to convert names to IP addresses and vice versa. When no arguments or options are given, host prints a short summary of its command line arguments and options.


host is a simple utility for performing DNS lookups.

hostMX is a simple utility for performing DNS lookups for MX records.

Host MX records

Check Mail Exchange (MX) records for domain

Nmap (“Network Mapper”) is an open source tool for network exploration and security auditing. It was designed to rapidly scan large networks, although it works fine against single hosts.


Network Mapper is an open source tool for network exploration and security auditing.

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    MarkosWeb Analytics delivers a wide range of multidimensional, user friendly features that helps you track your site progress - all free to you!
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  • Backward links analysis
    Monitor changes in the number of external links pointing to your site over time. This is one of the most important performance aspects that affect search engine ranking.
  • Duplicate Domain Finder
    Unique titles and meta tags such as description and keywords may be used to identify web site duplication. In most cases, meta tags contained in the HTML code provide key information on the topic and content of the site.
  • Content Modification Score (in %)
    This Indicator shows the average percent of changes, comparing the most recent HTML content to its previous versions. A proprietary algorithm is used to determine the scope of the changes made to the site with an excellent degree of accuracy.
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Hosting market share chart is a useful tool to monitor web sites migration. Gaining more new sites or losing old sites may indicate interesting market trends for you to consider.