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MarkosWeb Worth widget

What does this feature do?

The MarkosWeb Worth widget evaluates the worth of sites based on a wide range of factors which impact the value of a domain. These include, in no particular order of importance: site traffic (quantity, source, geography), search engine popularity for certain keywords, name length, development value, brand recognition, industry strength and positioning, and revenue generation, email subscribers if any, etc. We pay particular attention not only on the current cost of the site, but also to the growth (or decline) dynamic of the resource.

Our algorithm for estimated site worth was created by experts in this field, and it has been finely tuned over time to give you the most accurate appraisal of your site that you will find in the industry. We weigh each field differently in accordance with its importance, and give it an internal rating. These point are then summed up to give the value of your site.

It is important to note that despite the accuracy and reliability of our appraisals, this is far from a simple task, as a site’s worth is based on the interplay of so many factors, and several of the appraisal criteria are quite subjective to the appraiser's interpretation of value as well as the changing market conditions. This means that the value that we give your site should be considered an approximate conclusion about its worth.

When evaluating larger groups of names, our MarkosWeb technology assesses the effectiveness of niche dominance, the prefix, suffix and/or domain name industry. Also, when evaluating larger group names, the market breadth, sales and the domain name industry classification are considered.