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Website Review Guidelines

What should be avoided in my review?

Constructive, overall criticism will be received and we can inform the website owner, if the owner registers and confirms site ownership according to policies. Due to the fact that we cannot verify the validity of a complaint, we cannot publicly post that complaint comment. If an overall constructive criticism is listed, we request that you also try to offer positive experiences that you have had on the website. We will not accept any posts or comments that relate to customer service issues. It is important to note that we will not accept any posts that relate to:

* The advertising or listing of other websites or any products or services
* Comparisons to other websites in a negative manner
* Any comment that relates to SPAM, scams, fraudulent claims, trustworthy circumstances, claims of validity, reviews or general comments of non-related issues, profanity, lewdness or personal commentary attacks.

Opinions that provide false information may have legal ramifications.

Why should I write a Review?

The website reviews are your way of sharing your experiences on a website. A website review is something that allows you to offer information that may be helpful to others. A review can include any services, products, videos or even navigation of a website, as well as the general content, usability, design, and interface. Overall reviews can help others but can also assist in the creation of a better website solution for everyone.

What is the purpose of the Review?

Your review should be an overall review that may be of assistance to others. In considering your review, you may want to ask yourself the question “Would this review be useful to me?” We encourage positive comments that can offer a better web experience.

We hope these guidelines will help you in understanding the goals of the review process.