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IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: may not be the right contact you are looking for. Please keep in mind that Markosweb collects information on 7 million+ websites. We are not a registrar or a hosting company. is not responsible or liable for the accuracy of other websites and cannot control the content of third-party websites. You need to contact the owners of the websites, not
To assist in ensuring the proper contact information, you may wish to review the "Website Contacts and Support" information at any listed website profile page.
You do not have to register with to contact us or find a quick answer to your question. if you are not a website owner or webmaster and simply want to contact us please do not register. If you are trying to do anything regarding listing of a website that you own or operate - please register and confirm your ownership before contacting us.

What can we help you with?

1. Complaint related to a website listed at
1.1. Request a refund from a website
1.2. Website appears to be hosted by markosweb.
1.3. Request an unsubscribe from a website or website's emails or cancel any subscription or service
1.4. Complaint related to dissatisfaction with products received or services provided.
1.5. Any other question about website listed at Please read following article to find an answer to your question: Complaint related to a website listed at

2. Copyright or trademark infringement complaint.
Before you contact us with copyright or trademark complaint - please make sure you fully understand what a copyright and or trademark is. You may find the following articles helpful for this general purpose:

To avoid abuse and misinterpretation of trademark laws and to support the freedom of speech we will report anyone who submits a legal notice to the Chilling Effects project ( ) for publication and annotation. Chilling Effects will redact the submitter's personal contact information (i.e. phone number, e-mail and address).

We will not consider any legal requests without submitters personal contact information. If this is a legal issue and you feel you need to send us a message please email us: [email protected].

3. Official legal requests.
If there is a need to report a legal situation on your behalf or on behalf of your client, you may contact us. Only valid inquiries of a legal nature will be investigated. If this is a legal issue and you feel you need to send us a message please email us: [email protected].

4. Remove my website
If you are contacting us with request to remove someone else's website please refer to (1) or (2)
How to Remove your website profile from

5. Add a website
You may use the following form to add any website that is compliant with our Policy:
If you are trying to add the website that you own or manage - please read this article: How to Add your website with custom SEO profile to

6. Update information about my website.
How to Add and Edit your website with custom SEO profile to

7. Other
You are one step away from sending us a message. We hope you have read all of the above information carefully. Please keep in mind that we do not answer requests that are already explained above. We strongly encourage you to review everything one more time to ensure that you really need to contact us. If you are still confident your question is not answered above - please use our contact form here. While sending us a message using contact form or email please keep in mind that we answer messages during business days only (we do not have support representatives outside of normal business hours, on holidays or weekends). Due to the volume of messages that we receive and limited support resources in most cases it takes at least 2 business days for us to process your message and get back to you.

Again - keep in mind we answer messages only in case - they are not explained under (1) - (6) above.

If you are sure that your issue is not covered in the topics listed above and still need to send an email inquiry about your website, please use an email address that is associated with the website domain name. ie: the domain name of: should have an email address that includes the domain name address: user at This will help to ensure the validity of your inquiry. Please do not use one of the free email accounts. ie: yahoo or gmail.