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The MarkosWeb Health Check widget

You take your car in for inspection and take regular trips to the dentist to get a check up, right? So why not give your site a check up too? With just a click of a button, the MarkosWeb health check widget enables you to get a combined score of a large number of key health parameters, in order to see how healthy your site is as a whole.

So what makes the MarkosWeb health check better than other health check widgets on the web?

The MarkosWeb health check gives you a combined score of a wide range of key parameters. Whilst other lesser web site health checkers use a very basic algorithm to calculate the health score of a site, we use a very wide range of parameters which have been carefully selected and adjusted over time so as to truly reflect the health of your site. As a result, the MarkosWeb Health Check widget gives you the most accurate and true health score that you will find anywhere on the web.

So how do we work out the health of your site?

We use a large number of parameters to determine the health of your site, which have varying degrees of importance. Here are just a few of the business metrics that we use. To find our more about the first three features, click on the links

The MarkosWeb SEO score widget – the SEO score tells you how friendly your site is to search engines. A high SEO score means that your site should be very competitive and visible in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others, whilst a low score means that your site is less competitive and less likely to bring in high volumes of traffic via the search engines. The better your SEO score, the higher your website health score.

The MarkosWeb website monitoring widget – this gives you a detailed response on the up and down time of your site. To put it simply, it detects if your site is down and for how long. The more downtime your site has, the more it will affect your website health score.

The MarkosWeb Safe Site widget – this enables you to check your or any other site for malware and phishing pages. If the safe site widget finds any such harmful pages in your site, this will negatively impact you website health score.

The MarkosWeb website niche analysis parameter – a site is not evaluated as a separate entity, but in the context of its site niche. The website niche analysis determines how important a site is within its particular niche, based on how popular and competitive it is. The better your site performs in its particular niche, the better the website health score.

The MarkosWeb user experience analysis – This assesses how interesting and popular the site is for users. The better our assessment of the user experience of your site for visitors, the higher your website health score.

How do I interpret my website health check score?