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MarkosWeb Duplicate Finder

What does this feature do?

It is very important that each page on your site has a unique title and unique meta tags. A meta tag is information contained in the HTML code of your site that provides information about what the site is about, and about the sites main keywords. This is referred to as the meta description and meta keywords.

This feature detects if there are pages on your site which are the same as pages on other sites. You can easily find out if there are any duplicate pages, and if the duplication is in the website title, the meta description or in the meta keywords.

Why is this data so important to me?

It is vital that the information on your site is unique. If not, then you have much less chance of getting important pages of your site visible on the first page of Google, Yahoo and other important search engines. Bear in mind that statistics show that 95 percent of people never even get past the first page of Google!

This feature allows you to identify duplicate pages and take action to make your content unique, more valuable to users and more likely to bring in traffic.

We do not claim that the websites presented in the table stole content from this website. We've only detected that these sites have exactly the same title and / or meta tags. It is possible that you have mistakenly taken information from these sites, or that these sites stole information from your site. Either way, this feature is the first step to solving any such problems.

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