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Performance monitoring

Our performance monitoring gives you access to an unprecedented level of monitoring and analytics and allows you to monitor your site daily, hourly or even every minute!

Our service brings you the following powerful features:
  • Get uptime and performance monitoring ever minute

  • Track the home page heatmap using the MarkosWeb tracking scripts

  • Get daily alerts on the most important changes and trends

  • Monitor one or more websites at the same time

  • Monitor your site and your competitors’ sites

  • Get access to our trademark alert and reputation management monitoring system powered by reputation and protected by the MarkosWeb(tm) certificate (coming soon). This powerful feature will enable you to search for your website name use on other sites, and monitor your site name in social media.

  • Get access to our advanced availability and performance monitoring service, including downtime alerts and performance change notifications.

We are constantly monitoring the performance of your and every other site on the Web and are recording the performance characteristics of each site in our library from multiple geographical locations.

The free version of our service gets you an update every two weeks, which is more regular than the other less powerful site monitoring services. However, for true site monitoring capability, our premium performance monitoring service lets you monitor your website daily, hourly or even every minute! (for uptime and performance monitoring). This is particularly useful for monitoring whether the website has gone down or not.