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Welcome to Markosweb

the web service that lets you explore the best of the web's history and monitor the performance and progress of your site, as well as your competitors sites via detailed analytics and our various SEO widgets. Our service is simple to use and benefits a wide range of web users from professional developers to anyone interested in growing traffic and revenue to their site.

New York DataCenter
Powered by MarkosWeb technology, we constantly collate refined and accurate data on websites, which enables you to monitor the changing dynamics of your site and general website trends. This information can also be used to check up on your competitors for comparative purposes.

Many well-known archive and performance analysis services are trying to collect and store information about the web. Some are doing it better than others, but all of them have some major disadvantages which have a strong negative impact on the user experience. Markosweb is backed by a team of experienced engineers and search engine optimizers who have spent years developing the technology and site interface.

We believe that Markosweb does it better than anyone else, and here are the main reasons why:

- Better, Faster, Smarter, Friendlier: Performance and user experience are our top priorities, that's why we have some real server muscle gear standing behind image (on the right side of this page) demonstrates primary markosweb datacenter. Yes it takes hardware to do the job better and faster. We are always on target to continue expanding!

- Our unique technology allows you to get the most accurate SEO score yet.

- Our powerful website monitoring widget gives you a detailed response on the up and down time of your site.

- We give you access to a wide range of other deep multidimensional analytic features which allow you to keep track of the progress of your site (and your competitors) in more ways than ever, all at no cost to you!

- We offer an unparalleled frequency of updates.

- We offer a new level of domain and website appraisal for spotting web secrets and hidden trends.

- MarkosWeb Uptime Monitor

- Our optional premium performance monitoring gives you access to an unprecedented level of monitoring and analytics and allows you to monitor your site daily, hourly or even every minute!

- Our MarkosWeb icons are soon to become standard across the web.

- Our MarkosWeb Safe Site widget protects you from dangerous phishing and malware pages.

- Our MarkosWeb Health check widget gives you an overall picture of the health of your site.