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MarkosWeb Certified Checkout Page

NEW! Certified websites now have additional benefits:
- Search engine optimization benefit of having 6 links instead of 4, plus 2 of 6 links are allows to be pointed to sites other then certified URL. This was you may be able to link your facebook and twitter or any other pages like your information in Wikipedia for example.
- Certified sites statistics is getting updated automatically on daily basis. There is no more need to click update button in admin section - have your stats always fresh up to date!

Consumer confidence online is always one of the biggest factors affecting the effectiveness of your website. Let people know that you care about safety and security of your online experience by certifying your website contact information along with registrar and hosting.

This process is simple and requires just a few minutes of your time.

Certified Website is a website that completed following steps:
  • - Your website’s authorized contact (webmaster) registers and provides a proof of ownership via file upload or home page code modification.
  • - Markosweb's editor will need to successfully verify and confirm contact information for the web site as well as domain's registrar and hosting company.

  • We accomplish a combination of automatic and human verification of contacts for website, domain registrar and hosting company. This is the way to have a solid method to confirm the website's real identity and have a contact information visitors can rely upon.

    Please look below for the copy of the actual certification block that will be displayed when you click on the verification icon on Markosweb site profile's page.

    On the next page you will need to complete an easy step by step wizard based on following:
    • - Registration confirmation. You will be able to login or quickly register (you can also use your google, yahoo, twitter, AOL account and other OpenID compatible accounts).
    • - Website validation. Confirm your ownership by file upload or home page code modification.
    • - Make a $9.99 paypal payment for certification process to compensate human editor's time for your website review.

    A sample copy of actual certificate with description:

    • Certificate Official Title “MarkosWeb Certified”.
    • Your Website's name confirmed to be certified.
    • A summary description of certification process.
    • Your registered and confirmed contact information.
    • Your domain registrar name. We enhance this information with contact phones when possible.
    • Your hosting company name. When possible phone numbers and other contacts are added.
    • Official MarkosWeb Trust Seal.
    • The date of human validation. You can always keep the date current by completing the quick re-certification in the future.