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DBA Analytics has created a uniquely designed alternative view of internet search. The focus is on both the popularity of a site as well as the specific search keywords. This perspective will change as the ever evolving world of the net changes, giving the group websites the ability to add title and description on changing topics. This innovative concept of internet search keeps the websites fresh and offers an intensity of site information for member websites.


The arts encompass a variety of topics in today’s world. From traditional art formats to new technology art concepts. The global aspect of the arts adds color and flavor that touches on all of the senses and brings the beauty of the art site from around the world.


A technology that has been taken from the world of coding to an art form that is globally recognized.


The world of music is in a virtual mode, offering the ability for both musical creations as well as audio in an at-the-moment concept.


From the camera to the screen, the passion of the lens is open to nuances and exposures never before seen.

Art Gallery

Today we can tour the world’s finest galleries to marvel at artist and the creations in a variety of forms.

Fine Art

The art creations of the past to the present are experienced and shared.


The world of business has been taken from the classes and front lines to the evolution of the shared experience. Research and results offers the opportunity to make business decisions and changes in an at-the-moment situation, offering granular outcomes in a world of organic business needs.


Topics around the world with immediate availability have altered the methods and directions of finance in a global fashion.


A necessity of life with many choices, demands and levels.


Whether local or international, the world of banking has an affect on every aspect of life.

Credit Cards

The changes within the credit card industry are now considered as a major business challenge in a global economy.


Makes the world go around!


The top past time in countries all over the globe. Every aspect of the sports world is of interest and every sport has their following and devotees. One of the largest money-making topics, there isn’t a facet that doesn’t bring high readership.


Whether it’s called American Football or Soccer in other countries, these sports have dollar figures that climb year after year. Sports is the one topic that brings everyone together.


A sport that began in popularity in Canada and now proclaims loyal fans all over the world. Hockey has had a history of controversy due to the sometimes violent nature of the sport, but retains it’s fans.


Nothing says U.S.A. like baseball. A national sport that evokes memories of hot dogs and summer afternoons. Baseball has seen a fluctuation of popularity, but has expanded into international acclaim.


The history of this game has roots in a variety of countries. The game, nonetheless, has reached a height of popularity in almost every country. Known as a base location for business deals and networking, it is shared by men and women alike.


A truly American sport whose popularity has increased exponentially; bringing anthems and slang terms into the realm of normal vocabulary. Rarely has a sport seen such a resurgence of fans and marketing investment.


Today’s shopping environment involves a variety of connected media. Over 70% of shoppers preview online information for deals, discounts, coupons, price comparisons and to prepare their shopping lists. The advent of smartphones and internet touch pad devices have opened up opportunities for advertisers and marketers as they understand the world of beyond the brick-and-mortar store.


Online purchases continue to increase and surpass foot traffic In retail locations. The power of the net brings a new level of profitability For those entrepreneurs that have the in-demand products at the right prices.

For Sale

We are world ever searching to buy everything and retailers prepared to sell. Supply and demand, combined with a now internet savvy consumer opens opportunities beyond anything known in history.

On Sale

Over 60% if those shopping are looking for on sale deals before they buy. The internet offers new channels to get the message for an on sale item to those most likely to make the purchase.

Best Price

With the ever competing retail market, every online and brick and mortar store is trying to entice the shopper with the best price offering. Consumers are buying based on the best price available.

Product Reviews

The internet has made the requirement of quality equal to The best pricing. Consumers are adding the product reviews to recommend or discourage fellow shoppers in their buying decisions.

Compare Prices

Statistics are showing that consumers of all income levels are heavily involved in price comparison before making a purchase. The percentages of price shoppers are increasing year after year.


The internet is renowned for making the most world impact, comparable only to the industrial revolution and the discovery of electricity. Every topic known can be researched on the world wide web with information and data being added on an exponential basis. The web has had a dramatic influence on our lives in all aspects.

Web Design

With the advent of the web, the demand for increased appeal On websites has risen to an actual art form.

Web Development

While the local teen may create a website, it takes a true Webmaster to put together a web presence. Web development is typically Customized for the need of the customer.

Web Hosting

Hosting companies and organizations have streamlined the requirements for the customer needs. With the reduced cost of servers, web hosting is often an easier venture than ever before.


Search Engine Optimization involves a variety of intricate manipulations of the data contained on a website in a sophisticated and interrelated dance where the rules change every minute.


The domain is both the physical address and the catchy name that is applied to a website. There seems to be no limit to what imaginative creations people can come up with.