Personalized by IP address PNG banner shows local covid-19 A.I. calculated threat level and live coronavirus stats for 5000+ local areas world-wide

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Fixed Geolocation

This mode allows permanent display of Coronavirus stats for the location selected when generating the widget.

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Auto Geolocation

The dynamic widget identifies a website visitor’s IP address, and displays the nearest available regional information. As an example, if a website visitor is from Italy, the closest Italian regional statistics will be displayed.








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This free widget can be used without any restrictions, by website owners who would like to display official Coronavirus COVID-19 statistics on their website.

The Coronavirus Widget will fit most websites with its compact 250x250 pixels size, consisting of only a PNG graphic file and no JavaScript.

The Coronavirus Widget, can show detailed local statistics for thousands of locations around the world. A key feature of the Coronavirus Widget is to show local disease infection rate information, including rates of growth, flattening and deceleration. Your website visitors will see the safety levels for a particular local area.

The Coronavirus Widget can be served in 2 modes: (i) static (based on selected location), or (ii) dynamic (based on the geographic location of a website visitor’s IP address).

For the best website user experience, we recommend installing the dynamic IP location-based version of the Coronavirus Widget in order to serve personalized content for your website visitors.