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How to Remove your website profile from

We have designed an easy-to-use automated tool to remove your site from Using the online tool is faster than trying to email, call or fax.

For your security, only authorized users can request website removal. Verification shows that you have ownership rights to remove the website profile from your dashboard.

Please Note: The verification is for authorization purposes only. As per our Privacy Policy, your private information will not be used for anything other than security.

Step 1. Make sure you have registered as an authorized user. If you haven't please register at: Click at the top bar for "My Account" to set up your verification log in or click here:

Step 2. Log into your account:

Step 3. You will see a display and status of all of your websites. i.e.: (Active, Hidden, Deleted) Click on the 'status' column area of the website you wish to remove.

Step 4. Click on the 'change status' button

Step 5. If the site is 'verified' you need only click the 'delete' option.

Step 6. If your site is listed as 'unverified', you will need to perform a security function to validate the ownership of the site. This is easily accomplished by following the verification prompt and either uploading a file or changing the html. Once the site is 'verified' you can delete the website, using the information fromStep 5.

The above steps are easy and required for compliancy with the Digital Media Copywriting Act (DMCA). We treat your privacy seriously. Only owners and authorized webmasters can make changes tosites. Verification is required to avoid unauthorized access and modifications. offers multiple benefits for search engine optimization to website owners. The security validation helps to ensure that your competitor will not have access nor affect your website ranking.

Legal situations:

Removal of a site is a quick and simple process using the above tool, however, if there is a need to report a legal situation on your behalf or on behalf of your client, you may contact us. Only valid inquiries of a legal nature will be investigated.

If this is a legal issue and you feel you need to send us a message please email us: [email protected]

If you need to send an email inquiry about your website, please use an email address that is associated with the website domain name. ie: the domain name of: should have an email address that includes the domain name address: [email protected]. This will help to ensure the validity of yourinquiry. Please do not use one of the free email accounts. ie: yahoo or gmail.

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: Markosweb may not be the right contact you are looking for. Please keep in mind that Markosweb collects information on 5 million+ websites. We are not a registrar or a hosting company. is not responsible or liable for the accuracy of other websites and cannot control the content of third-party websites. You need to contact the owners of the websites, not

To assist in ensuring the proper contact information, you may wish to review the "Website Contacts and Support" information at any listed website profile page.

You do not have to register with to contact us or find a quick answer to your question. if you are not a website owner or webmaster and simply want to contact us please do not register. If you are trying to do anything regarding listing of a website that you own or operate - please register and confirm your ownership before contacting us.