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How to use meta-tags

Along with the content, meta-tags have a lot of meaning that describes what the content is about. The most significant meta-tags are the keywords, description and robots tags.

The keywords meta-tag contains the main keywords that describe the document`s content. They have to precisely reflect the page content and not mislead the search engines. As webmasters, it`s a futile attempt to manipulate the search engines with the use of meta-tags. And, with the search engines constantly evolving, it`s not known for sure whether this tag has any impact at all anymore. We recommend not to refuse the usage of the Keywords meta-tag, though, as long as you use it reasonably. Use only those keywords that are really relevant to the page.

Example of keywords tag use:

<meta name="keywords" content="music,songs" />

Description meta-tag is a brief content (summary) of the document. Some search engines use text included into description in snippets on search engine results page.
Use example:

<meta name="description" content="General Motors Corporation is a U.S. automaker based in Detroit, Michigan, and is the world's second-largest automaker" />

Webmasters can also use robots meta-tags that may forbid search engines to index the page (noindex meaning) or count the links (nofollow).