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The MarkosWeb SEO Score widget

Our unique technology allows you to get the most accurate SEO score yet.

The MarkosWeb SEO Score is a very powerful tool which shows how friendly your site is to search engines. Currently we are working on patented technology to bring you the most accurate analytical SEO score in existence. It evaluates a large amount of information about your site, such as the quantity and quality of external links and the meta tags filled, all in order to assess the SEO friendliness of you site. This unique score system not only tracks your sites (and your competitors) progress over time, but provides useful analytical suggestions related to recent changes to the site.

MarkosWeb SEO Score is a part of MarkosWeb Web Rank that also utilizes other criteria such as MarkosWeb social media rank, and it reflects a broad set of factors such as the overall publicity and popularity of your site on the web and on social media.

The MarkosWeb SEO Score is measured in percentage terms, with 100% being the highest rating given to a site. Don’t worry if your site’s score is not that great. You are in exactly the right place to find out where you are going wrong, and plan your next steps to making your site more visible and profitable!

Keep in mind that this tool should not be looked at in absolute terms as the final judgement of a site. If your site is in a niche market, then even if it gets a low score it still might be performing well due to the lack of competition. This tool is great for making comparisons, so why don’t you plug in your competitor’s address, and find out where they are outgunning you, and where you have got the edge.