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A number of search engines use the "sandbox" effect with respect to new websites. This means that if you register a new domain, fill it with useful content and others begin to link to you, the site won`t get into the TOP 10 SERP at once. Search engines will index the documents but won`t rank them properly - give them a low rank. As a result, from some low-frequency inquiries you`ll get traffic from search engines, but the number of visitors will not be very high. From mid-frequency and high-frequency inquiries you won`t get passes from search engines at all.

The Sandbox effect can last from one to several months, sometimes up to six months. Links from authoritative sites possessing high trust ranks will help to faster escape from the sandbox (one can write an entire article about trust ranks).

It`s necessary to remember that quick growth of link mass can be considered an attempt to cheat the search engines. In this case, a penalty will be unavoidable.

So here is our advice: As a sandbox practically can1t be avoided, use time to your benefit – continue improving the site and fill it with useful content.