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What does this feature do?

This feature gives you a window into the previously hidden world that is your closest competitors. Find out in seconds who they are, how much traffic they get, what’s hot and what’s not, which categories of their site correspond to yours, where the site is based, and what CMS platform their site runs on.

Why is this data so important to me?

It used to be been simple for businesses to find out who they are up against, and where they can improve on their competitors marketing campaigns. It is more difficult for online businesses however, and that is where this tool can help. By finding out who your main competitors are and how they are doing you will be in a great position to further develop your site and make it the number one in your niche!

An examination of competitor sites can give you countless ideas for improvement (or reasons to be smug!). Take the best bits from all of your competitors’ sites and combine them into yours to make it the best there is on the Web! No successful business has thrived without a full evaluation of the competitive platform that it is working against, and this feature is a great place to start.

Remember, no matter how well your site if performing, there is always room for advancement!

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