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Page Reputation

Page Reputation is basically what the search engines think your website is about. There are many factors involved, but the most important aspect is the anchor text that is used by incoming links to your website. Just as link popularity is determined by the amount and relevancy of backlinks pointing to your website, the same goes for page reputation.

Of course, there are other factors at play here. On-page objects such as title tags, meta tags, content, etc. are all important for a website to rank well in search engines for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. For example, if we are trying to rank our website better for a certain keyword, we would include that keyword in the title tags, meta tags and body content.

Page reputation is a very powerful thing. However, on-page optimization of keywords for a web page or home page of your website has very little to do with the above example. It`s still important, but there are other factors at work here when it comes to a page`s reputation. The value being passed from the anchor text of a backlink has a lot to do with it.

All web pages have a reputation, from a little all the way up to having a very high authority. Getting your page reputation up is dependent on getting other pages with high reputation to link to you. This idea goes back to the link popularity idea where you build backlinks to your site.

Getting inbound links from other high reputation sites will increase your own page`s reputation. So the goal to increase your page reputation is to optimize your page for keywords, and then build relevant backlinks on other high authority pages using those keywords in the anchor text.