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Internal Page Factors

Webmasters should pay close attention to site optimization internal factors. These factors include:


Make sure that keywords are included in the link, Title tag, Description tag and Keywords meta-tags. The presence of keywords in H1, H2 and H3 Heading tags can positively influence your site`s ranking as well. Finally, the presence of keywords in picture`s alt tag descriptions and title can also improve the site`s location in search engine results pages (SERPs).

But, as in any important matter, the main thing is not to overdo it. It`s critical to keep the density of keywords on the page within the rate of 5%-7%. For different niches, this rate can vary. The most reliable method of optimal keyword rate check is analysis of TOP10 sites.

Internal links

All pages you`re linking to have to be available. Make sure that all links are working correctly (meaning they are not broken).

Try to make the site user-friendly. Pages located five clicks from the main page do not have a very good chance of getting into the TOP 10 position in search engines for competitive phrases. Good practice is any page`s availability within three clicks of the main page.

Make sure that inner links lead to useful sites. Search engines can reduce the ranking of the sites that link to link farms, spam blogs and sites with malicious content. Don`t forget about the nofollow HTML-attribute.


Many search systems still can`t index sites that are built using Flash technologies. Surplus usage of javascripts, incorrect tags` usage (for example, no index) can impede the document`s indexing.
Dynamically created documents can have problems with the document`s indexation on conditions that addresses use large amounts of variables and sessions are lost.

Also, always remember that search engines analyze the document`s content, not visually, but by reading the document`s source code. Open your source code and mentally imagine that you are a search engine. Did you really allow the robot to understand what your site is about?


Search engines give preference to those sites that offer their visitors fresh and unique content. Sites with duplicate content are reduced in SERPs. Arguments about the effects of duplicate content on a site could last for days. That`s why our advice is simple – write unique content all your own.

Reliability of a hosting provider

Technical troubles, (i.e. unreliability of a hosting provider) can often result in the site being unavailable for visitors. In this case search engines may lower the ranking.