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Home page heatmap changes

What does this feature do?

For this feature we have used the scientifically proven F-shaped principle of how web-pages are read: two horizontal strips at the top of the page and one vertical strip on the left side of the page, to suggest where your visitors' eyes will be directed to on the main page of your site.

Readers scan a web page fast, which means you have very limited time to attract their attention. In this article (Heatmap), you can read more about the F-shaped principal of how readers scan web pages.

In the clear representation, you can see how this principal relates to the homepage of your website.

Why is this data so important to me?

Does the part of your page most scanned correspond to the most important information that you need to get across to the reader? If not, then with some quick changes you can reap big rewards. This data can help you to place the most important site's blocks in the hottest places, which can lead to an increase in the site's traffic and raise revenues.

This data has further implications for your copywriting, as the article linked to above describes. Do not underestimate the significance of the placement of important information. Let your competitors make that mistake instead, and they will be seeing dust!

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