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DNS information changes, including Whois data, registrar history, ns history, IP history and hosting history

What does this feature do?

This feature gives you an insight into any DNS information changes that have occurred over time. This information includes any changes in the IP history, hosting history, registrar history Whois data and ns history, all of which are explained in brief below.

DNS stands for Doman Name System and it serves as a phone book for the Internet by translating addresses made out of numbers such as into hostnames such as This makes the Internet, much more user friendly and personable.

Any time you change your hosting, you have to change your DNS servers with those of your new hosting provider.

The IP address denotes the individual device (i.e. computer) connected to the Internet. Every time you change location, your IP address changes with it, just as your physical address does.

The registrar history shows any changes in the domain name registrar – the organization that manages your domain name(s).

Whois is a protocol used for querying databases that contain domain names, IP address, and other such information.

Why is this data so important to me?

Changes in domain history as a whole, including all the feature described above, shows changes in ownership, the transition to better services and technology platforms, and is part of the historical recording of a website as a whole.

This date can be used to see what your competitors have done, and even to investigate phishing and fraud websites and those that have been involved in criminal activity.

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