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Florida Division of Forestry
3125 Conner Boulevard, Tallahassee, FL 32399
(850) 414-9907
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Management Planning / For Landowners / Forests & Wildfire / Home - Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
Florida Forests, forest, forest management, bmp, best management practices, silviculture, Florida Forest Service, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, DOACS, County Forester, forester, landowner, forest ownership, land management, Florida, environment, environmental, sustainable, timber, steward, stewardship, stewards, prescribed fire, burn, controlled burning, fire control, water quality, reforestation, commercial harvesting, The Forest land Enhancement Program, The Forest Stewardship Program,
Did you know there is a statewide network of foresters available to help private landowners manage small to large acreages of forest land? Foresters can prepare management plans, or provide information on forestry grants. No matter what your goals might be for your timbered land, your County Forester is there to provide you the best management keys to success.
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