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updated November 6, 2013
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NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC. domain profile
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R Kinney Williams & Associates
4409 101st Street, Lubbock, TX 79424-7901
(806) 798-7119
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auditing (12%, $3.49), internet security (12%, $5.05), auditing services (8%), security auditing (8%), banking (4%, $6.10) (charts and stats)
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Yennik - Internet Security Auditing Services
cloud computing, cloud, auditing the cloud, vulnerability internet security test audits, internal, intranet, intranet test, internal test, vista, web site audits, internet web site audits, internet audits, bank, banking, consulting, bank consultants, bank consultant, penetration testing, vulnerability testing, information systems, information systems audits, is audits, auditing, edp audit, edp audits, web page auditing, web page audits, internet auditing, intrusion audits, internet security, network securit
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SERP organic visibility: based on research of 16,000,000 keywords
Domain name is seen on 10 search engine queries. Average position in SERP is 29. Best position in SERP for this domain is #13 (it's found 1 times). Statistical information was collected from April 20, 2012 to April 21, 2012
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