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massachusetts (6%, $2.08), web applications (6%, $3.01), strategic marketing (4%, $3.62), lan (4%, $1.13), management consulting (4%, $4.33) (charts and stats)
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Virtual Technology Resources, LLC
Virtual Technology Resources, technology consulting, Eastern Massachusetts, New England, Massachusetts, management consulting, web design, web site hosting, network administrator, LAN, WAN, Technical support, technology integration, solutions, web applications, software integration, preventative maintenance, hardware, software, strategy, project management, strategic marketing, troubleshooting, internet connectivity, e-mail, Robert Troiano
headquartered in Wellesley, Massachusetts, serves clients in Eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, areas of Connecticut, Southern Maine and New Hampshire. We also provide web site and web applications to clients nationwide. Our clients include settlement service providers, law firms, insurance companies, clubs, nonprofit organizations, sole proprietors and other businesses. Virtual Technology Resources helps companies leverage technology to best meet their business objectives.
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