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knowledge management software (16%, $12.42), market research software (16%, $6.35), intelligence software (15%, $12.20), management software (13%, $8.71), software systems (13%, $4.54) (charts and stats)
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Indexed pages:
74 (1)
78 (2)
Homepage links:
internal 38, external 0
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Strategy Software
competitive intelligence software, business intelligence system, business intelligence strategy, knowledge management software, competitive intelligence firm, strategic business management system, business competitive intelligence consultant, knowledge management tool, market research software, enterprise competitor business intelligence services, business consulting services, strategic business solution, business marketing software, strategic business planning software, business intelligence reporting tool
Strategy Software offers Competitor Information Management Systems (CIMS) to help you easily organize your business intelligence strategy. Our competitive intelligence software and services can help your organization quickly produce up-to-date, useful reports to help increase sales, improve marketing, close more deals and succeed in whatever specific goals you or your organization is trying to meet.
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SERP organic visibility: based on research of 16,000,000 keywords
Domain name is seen on 4 search engine queries. Average position in SERP is 11. Best position in SERP for this domain is #1 (it's found 1 times). Statistical information was collected from April 20, 2012 to April 21, 2012
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