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darren wall
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Planet Jump
Animation Studio, Planet Jump productions, animation company, animation production, animation, manga, anime, action, graphic novel, London, firebreather, Gallowwalker, Animation, animation production, motion graphics, manga, firebreather, cartoon network, bbc, redbee, film, TV, London, green screen, graphics, designers, backgrounds, storyboards, bbc, EA games, sony, dice, virgin, colombiana, pre-production, animated sequences, animated trailers, commercials, short promo films, rotoscope, axis animation, CG
HOME PLANET JUMP is a stylish and innovative Animation Studio based in North London. With a wealth of experience stretching over 15 years and a stable of great Directors and Designers, PLANET JUMP specialises in quality high-end visual content that is both unique and cost effective and covers all aspects of the creative industry and beyond, from TV and Film to Games, Music Promos and Corporate work. With a wide range of methods and techniques at our disposal, PLANET JUMP offers great diversity and style that covers not only Animation but Live-Action and Motion Graphics.
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