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updated November 6, 2013
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OASIS Hotel Athens, Luxury 4 star Hotel in Athens - Greece | Official Website
oasishotel, oasis hotel athens, 4 star hotel athens, athens glyfada hotel, luxury hotel athens
The OASIS HOTEL features 34 stylish suites and 36 fully equipped apartments, all with private balcony and private facilities. In addition to the conference and banqueting facilities, the OASIS HOTEL has a gourmet restaurant, a bar, a coffee shop and a comfortable lounge. The evergreen garden with the swimming pool and the Jacuzzi is the ideal spot for the sun lovers to relax, enjoy their drink or a snack. For our clients convenience 24hours Room Service, a business center as well as Laundry and Dry Clean are provided. The multilingual 24hours Reception Desk is highly skilled to cater all your needs. Parking space is available in front of the hotel.
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