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wholesale jewelry (29%, $1.57), custom jewelry (29%, $1.92), custom designs (14%, $1.00), fine jewelry (14%, $1.70), for women (14%, $1.08) (charts and stats)
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Jeffrey Levin
south africa, artisan jewelry designer, hand carved jewelry, handcrafted fine jewelry, jewelers fine, jewelry designer los angeles, jewelery fine, jeweler diamond, jewelery black diamond, jewelery diamond, diamond designer jewelry, diamond gold charm, handcrafted diamond jewelry, diamond heart charms, pendant heart, cross heart charm, heart charm sterling silver, heart necklace charms, charm designer, charms necklace, necklaces charm, doing green, sustainability ecological, sustainability eco, recycle green
Jeffrey Levin is the eponymous jewelry collection created and crafted by the artist, an accomplished jeweler and designer of over 30 years. Born in Cape Town, South Africa to parents of Egyptian-French and Lithuanian provenance, Jeffrey references his exotic heritage and rich experiences living in the United States to further develop his unique oeuvre of sublime, statement jewelry.
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SERP organic visibility: based on research of 16,000,000 keywords
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