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    Indexed pages:
    10 (1)
    32,136 (579)
    Homepage links:
    internal 71, external 4
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    The Heat Is Online
    global warming,climate,climate change,global climate,coal,oil,fossil fuels,disinformation,public relations,renewable energy,solar energy,hydrogen,fuel cells,wind power,windmills,wind farms,alternative energy,renewable energy,photovoltaics,weather,severe weather,extreme weather,floods,droughts,tornadoes,hurricanes,storms,temperature extremes,science,atmosphere,atmospheric warming,oceans,forests,soils,food supply,environmental refugees,environment,planet,globe,earth,climate crisis,insurance,property insurance
    This site, based on the book The Heat Is On, by Ross Gelbspan, (Perseus Books,1997): · Lays bare the central drama: the ability of this planet to sustain civilization vs. the survival of the fossil fuel industry (a 6,000-word text overview); · Catalogues the last four years of increasingly frequent and severe extreme weather events all over the world; · Provides a digest of the major scientific findings about global warming; · Documents a pervasive and very successful industry campaign of deception and disinformation (and details the U.S. politics of climate change at the beginning of 1999); · Outlines a global solution which could begin to stabilize our inflamed climate while, at the same time, triggering an unprecedented gain in the overall equity and wealth of the global economy.
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