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1,270 ( 950)
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Datapro International Inc
1144 NW 52nd Street, Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 782-5259
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computer store, retail stores - electronics, electronic equip & supls, retail stores - computers, computer stores


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    Indexed pages:
    1,277 (12)
    3,609 (82)
    Homepage links:
    internal 58, external 2
    HTML validation:
    DataPro International Computer Cables
    computer cable, video, audio, custom, Parallel, Serial, SCSI, network, international, power, VGA, ps2, KVM, wallplate, faceplate, panel mount, fiberoptic, DVI, Digital Video, Cisco management, FireWire, USB, Seattle, Washington
    DataPro / CableCo is an international supplier of all types of computer cables, switches and connectivity products for computers and data-processing equipment. We specialize in faceplates, wallplates and panel-mount cables. We stock many types of cables, data switches, and many other related products. We also specialize in fast turnaround on small quantities of custom-built cables and harnesses.
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