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Culinary Software Services Inc
1900 Folsom St # 210, Boulder, CO 80302-5723
(303) 447-3334
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software company


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phone (303) 447-3334


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    Indexed pages:
    353 (5)
    997 (22)
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    internal 14, external 0
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    ChefTec Software for the Foodservice Professional - Culinary Software Services
    Culinary, ChefTec, ChefTec, CorTec, CorTec, Escoffier, Escoffier, Escoffier, BevTec, BevTec, PDA, foodservice software, restaurant software, culinary software, chef software, food service, food service, recipe costing, inventory control, purchasing, ordering, nutritional analysis, nutritional analysis, nutritional analysis, employee scheduling, shopping list, shift manager, recipe scaling, chefs, chef, culinary, culinarian, restaurant restaurant restaurant foodservice foodservice foodservice, cater, caterin
    Culinary Software Services, makers of ChefTec Software and CorTec Software, provides software to chefs, owners, operators, and other foodservice professionals in the food service industry. CSS serves a vast cross section of the foodservice industry including restaurants, caterers, hotels, motels, multi-unit foodservice operations, educators and many others. CSS, with their award-winning ChefTec and CorTec software, is the leader in Recipe & Menu Costing and Inventory Control software, as well as Nutritional Analysis software. In addition, we have a broad range of restaurant software programs to suit the needs of chefs, restaurants and other foodservice establishments.
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