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updated November 6, 2013
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Crystal Cave
891 Baker St # A16, Costa Mesa, CA 92626-4357
(714) 754-1151
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book store


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| Metaphysical Supplies | Wicca Supplies | Crystal Cave | Spiritual Renewal |
metaphysical, new age, astrology, tarot, aura, pendulum, feng shui, psychic, numerology, reiki, runes, metaphysical, spiritual, philosophy, angels, zen garden, dreams, healing, I Ching, karma, reincarnation, native american, buddhism, zen, chakra, enlightenment, wicca, candles, celtic, koran, bible, bhagavad gita, agasha, aromatherapy, essential oils, meditation, yoga, zodiac, massage, incense burners, incense, resins, sage, charcoal, crystals, pendant jewelry, tumbled stones, gemstones, minerals, crystal b
Crystal Cave is a leader in the metaphysical field and top-quality provider of products and vast resources of information to people in their search for self-discovery, self-empowerment or spiritual enlightenment. We are a full-service store specializing in crystals, minerals and gemstones, and we offer a large assortment of books on metaphysics, philosophy, wellness and holistic medicines. We carry quality product lines of essential oils, incense and candles, as well as inspirational and meditation music. Enjoy our large selection of necklaces, bracelets, pendant jewelry and tapestries and much, much more. Crystal Cave is a family-owned and operated business and they care about the needs of their customers.
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