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Cintli Fine Mexican Jewelry
Suite 321, 1501 Pike Place, Seattle, WA 98101-1542
(206) 262-0794
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jeweler, jewelers-retail, jewelers, women's accessories, jewelry designer, fashion, jewelry, home dcor


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:: | Fine Mexican Jewelry ::
mexican jewelry, antique mexican jewelry, beaded jewelry, unique jewelry, fashion jewelry, jewelry designs, fashion costume jewelry, wholesale fashion jewelry, jewelry rings, necklaces, rings, beto yarce, sergio cueva, crystal necklaces, fine jewelry catalog, beto yarce jewelry, fine jewelry online, beto yarce designer, contemporary jewellery, fine jewellery, unique jewellery, jewellery designs, mexican silver jewelry, silver jewelry party, jewelry party, wholesale silver jewelry, wholesale jewelry,
Cintli. | Fine Mexican Jewelry Cintli is a family-owned business that began in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1989, with the goal of promoting the centuries-old tradition of fine Mexican silver jewelry, while adding a contemporary flair and urban energy. Estiblished in Seattle in 2003 by two young Mexican entrepreneurs, Sergio Cueva and Beto Yarce, Cintli has quickly become known for unique sterling silver (.0925) jewelry accented with wood, glass, natural stones, leather, suede, rubber and resin, and dried flowers. Brilliant stones in granny apple green, and vibrant hues of orange, yellow and red complete the stunning bracelets, pendants, earrings, hoops, studs, necklaces, chains, rings, and items of home décor. The first Cintli boutique was opened in Zapopan, outside Guadalajara. The name Cintli, in fact, refers to the mythological Zapopan Goddess of Corn. Her name is now a symbol of good luck to the two company principals, who are committed to transforming ancient art and culture into a dynamic artistic product.  Elegant and exotic, classic and contemporary – Cintli offers the finest in designs, quality and service. Discover one of Seattle’s “best kept secrets” today!  Jewelry is a personal affair to me; I have been involved with jewelry ever since I was a young boy. Cintli is a three generation business; both my grandfather and my dad designed and sold fine authentic Mexican jewelry. I decided to continue with this family tradition but I decided to add a personal touch by mixing modern glass and other gadgets. So I invite you to indulge yourself with one of my designs because a modern woman deserves that and more.
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