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Bump Urban Maternity Wear
6405 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115-6617
(206) 522-2867
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maternity store, maternity apparel


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maternity apparel (12%, $2.63), maternity store (12%), bump (11%, $0.97), bellevue (8%, $2.50), maternity (5%, $1.63) (charts and stats)
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30 (4)
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bump, urban, maternity, wear, clothing, pregnant, babies, dress, dresses, jeans, pants, hats, blouses, blouse, shirt, shirts, pants, cargo, skirts, coats, blankets, chic, hip, embrace the bump without the frump, seattle, ravenna, upscale, designer maternity, due maternity, bump maternity, baby gifts, baby blankets, cool maternity, Bellevue Square, Paige Denim, Michael stars maternity, Bellevue, Bellevue Maternity, Trumpette, Belly Bandit, Bella Bands
Kelly Buck (a former lawyer), and Nyro Murphy (a former counselor) recognized the lack of maternity wear options in town, whipped up a business plan, gutted their space and opened in a matter of months. The result is a beautiful shop with juicy colored walls in lime, melon, and peach, hardwood floors, and exposed brick on one expansive wall of their spacious shop. The selection of clothing and accessories is so appealing that even women who aren't expecting are lured in by the attractive windows, thinking it's a "regular" boutique.” -- Kathy Schultz, NW shopping columnist. We have really enjoyed our search to find beautiful AND affordable clothes for pregnant women in Seattle, and now we have decided to expand by bringing our goods to women on-line.
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